Roller Blinds

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Roller blinds are simple and functional in operation, but stylish and modern in design and fabric. With a number of Fabric Collections to choose from, the Roller Blind can provide solutions for every room in a property.

Choice of bottom rails, control mechanisms, closed cassettes and linked blinds all add to the Roller Blind’s functionality.

Accessories include, finials, braids, poles, pulls and base scallops – see Accessories section below for more information.

Roller Blind features include:

    • the ability to be housed in a cassette tidying away the mechanics
    • can be set up as either a standard forward rolled or reverse rolled blind
    • easy maintenance with many fabrics washable
    • the option to have a side channel with the Roller Blind for 100% complete blockout – ideal for Home Theatres, Media Rooms, Conference Rooms, Offices and Schools
    • accentuating height and space producing an aesthetically pleasing window furnishing.

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